#155: Ghostbusterbusters

Elaine is shooing away 4 Ghostbusters with red proton packs and guns. "Get out of my house, Ghostbusters!" says Elaine. "Haha, no!" says one. "Hello, Ghostbusterbusters?" she says into a phone. "Uh-oh." says one of the Ghostbusters from off-panel. Fred and Max, the Ghostbusterbusters, show up. Fred is holding a big gun with blue lights on it. Max is holding a smaller gun. Both are wearing sunglasses. "Game's over, guys." says Fred. Fred ZAPs the Ghostbusters. "AUGH!" "Releasing them is the best part." Fred remarks as they release the Ghostbusters from a Ghostbuster trap. AAAAAA FWOOSH Elaine says, "Thanks, Ghostbusterbusters!" "Just doing our job." says Fred, saluting. Max also salutes.
*ghostbusterbusters refuse to leave* *5 days later* "Hello, Ghostbusterbusterbusterbusterbusterbusterbusterbusters?"

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