#154: Vegan

There are 6 panels. The first is labeled "LEVEL 0 meat eater". In the first Fred is saying, "I'm not vegetarian." The next level, LEVEL 1, is flexitarian. Grady is saying "I try hard to avoid meat." There is a cooked chicken with a translucent NO sign over it, a translucent NO-MEAT sign. The next level, LEVEL 2. pescatarian. Elaine says "I don't eat meat except for fish." There is a fully solid NO-MEAT sign accompanied by a fish with a checkmark (a YES-FISH sign.) The next level LEVEL 3 vegetarian. "No meat for me! I don't eat any meat. Or fish." says Amanda. There is a NO-MEAT sign and a NO-FISH sign. Next level: LEVEL 4 vegan. Alex says "I don't eat ANY animal products!" next to him are NO-MEAT, NO-FISH, and NO-CHEESE-OR-EGGS signs. LEVEL 5 mineralitarian. "I only eat salt!" says Max. "Wait, what?" says Alex. Next to them are NO-MEAT, NO-FISH, NO-CHEESE-OR-EGGS, and NO-PLANTS signs.
I'm a Level One. I like the Impossible Burger, it tastes just like a real burger! I don't recommend the Level Five diet, it made me really thirsty.

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