#181: Rotten Fruit

"Hi Max, can I get some rotten fruit?" Fred says to Max at the shop counter. "Sure- Wait, rotten fruit? What for?" says Max. "I'm going to a play." explains Fred. "I see..." says Max. Next panel, an audience including Fred throwing rotten fruit at a performer. BOOOO!
Does anyone really throw 🌹 at you on stage if you're good and 🍅 if you're bad? I've only seen that in cartoons.


#180: Adapters

"Can I have the HDMI to Thunderbolt adapter?" says Max, next to an electric outlet and laptop. "Here." says Alex, handing him the adapter. Next panel: "This tragedy must be stopped! I will invent 1 cable that works for everything! And I will call it... USB!" says Fred. Next panel: Same situation as the first, except Max is saying "Can I have the microUSB to USB-C adapter?"
THE FUTURE: "Can I have the USB-ZN to Thunderbolt-3.349b male-agender adapter?"



#177: Random Emoji Combinations

The caption is RANDOM EMOJI COMBINATIONS. There are four combinations of two to three emojis each. The first is 🐿️ + 👏 = A chipmunk emoji applauding and saying "Yay! Woo!" The next is 🤽 + 🍕 + 🙎 = A water polo player holding 2 slices of pizza, saying "This game sucks." Next, 👩‍🚒 + 🏄 = A surfing firefighter putting out a fire. ⛹️ + 🥄 + 👮 = A police officer eating a basketball with a spoon. "Yum! Nom..."
All the emojis of the comic: 🐿️👏🤽🍕🙎👩‍🚒🏄⛹️🥄👮 Comment your favorite emoji combo!


#176: July 4th

Fred says "Guess what day it is?" Amanda says "Independence Day!" at the same time he says "It's Sidewalk Egg Frying Day! Uh...the thing you said!" "?" says Amanda.
Happy 🇺🇸≠🇬🇧 Day! And also, Sidewalk Egg Frying Day is a real thing. Google it if you don't believe me.