#140: Infinity

"You can't do that!" says Alex. "Yes I can." says Max. "Can't!" says Alex. "Can" says Max. "Can't times infinity times whatever you say!" says Alex. "-1!" says Max. "The absolute of whatever you say!" says Alex. "Aw man..." says Max.
The All-Powerful Equation of Doom: WHATIMSAYIN x INFINITY x (ABSOLUTEOFWHATYOUSAY+1) I decided not to read this comic on TikTok.


#139: Buy One Thing

"But Mooom-" says Max. "Fine, we'll buy ONE THING." says Elaine. Alex is also there. They go into a store with many giant colorful boxes advertising HDTVs, Apple Cruise Ships, Smart Watches, etc. The caption is MISSION: FAILED with FAILED in a red stencil as they walk out with a shopping cart overfilled with boxes of T Shirts, Color Pens, Smart Watches, etc.
Why does a smart watch come in packaging as big as a fridge? No one knows...


#136: I Before E

Grady is telling the reader, "Remember, kids - I before E, except after C, and when sounding as A as in neighbor and weigh. Also, only when the moon is full, and when the crickets are making racecar noises, and..."
"My brain is literally exploding from all these English rules." "You mean figuratively!" "AUGH!"


#135: Puppy Dog Eyes

"So can I?" asks Max. "No, Max." says Elaine. "Pleease?" asks Max. His eyes turn shiny and adorable-style. "Stop doing your puppy dog eyes." says Elaine. "Pleeease?" asks Max, his eyes swelling to the size of oranges. "...That's creepy." says Elaine. "Puh-leeeez?" asks Max, his eyes swelling to the size of larger-than-usual apples. "AAAGH!!" screams Elaine.
Do this to any mom, dad, sister, etc, and they'll give in, not because you're adorable, but because they want you to stop doing it.



#131: The Ecosystem

A Celestial Manager, a creature with many limbs and glowing cyan goggles, shows the reader a red web and says "This is the ecosystem. Every creature, animal, plant is intricately woven into this delicate-" HUMANS comes on-panel and says "Cool!" "No-" says the Manager, but HUMANS starts furiously hacking at the web. "Whee!" SNAP SNAP
"Hey look, an animal that might possibly be a slight danger to me! Let's get 'em!" "Stop-" "Hey look, trees! Looks like there are lots of them! Let's chop them down!"


#130: Expelliarmus

AAA! DARTH VADER! APPEARED OUT OF NOWHERE! CHASING ME! tells Alex to Fred. Darth Vader shows up. "I know what to do!" Fred says and holds up a flashlight. "A flashlight?" asks Alex. ZOOP! CLIK Fred turns it on, and it's actually a red lightsaber. "EXPELLIARMUS!" He points the lightsaber at Darth Vader like a wand and a jet of red light comes out and hits him off-panel. "Ow!" says Darth Vader from off-panel. He is annoyed. "I think you're getting your fiction mixed up." says Alex. "Huh, maybe!" says Fred, shaking the now-off lightsaber.
"It's bad enough you panicked and tried to shoot a Patronus at Luke Skywalker."


#129: Autocorrect

Autocorrect is the wurst. I mean the wurst. No I am trying to say the WURST not the WURST! AUGH! Someone fix autocorrect!


#128: CoffeeMakr

[Sorry, this text has been eliminated™ because™ viewing this requires™ TINY STRIPZ PLUS®.]


#126: SOS

Amanda is teaching Alex and Max. She has a telegram on a table. "Hi kids! Today we'll be learning about the telegram. If a ship was in trouble they'd send out an SOS signal, a series of beeps that told other ships they need help! Like this..." Amanda uses the telegram to go bip bip bip BEEP BEEP BEEP bip bip bip. CRASH chunks of plaster come out of the wall and the table breaks. Everyone is blown back. A red biplane with Fred in it emerges from the hole. "Who? What? Are you hurt?!" says Fred. "No, we're fine..." says Amanda. "Oh, ok..." says Fred. VRRRRM... the biplane backs out of the hole.
"So kids, when there's a fire, first get out of your house, then call 911-" *CRASH* "What fire?!" "Nothing."


#125: Whom

Fred says "Who'd you go shopping with?" Grady smugly replies, "Ahem. I think you mean, "Whom you shop, with going to shop?"" "Oh, sorry. Wait, what?" says Fred.
"You know, let's just all give up on 'whom', throw it into the discarded pile of words with 'thee' and 'forsooth'." "You mean, 'Whom should we all give up on and throw into the discarded pile of words with 'thee' and 'forsooth'?'" "AUGH!"


#124: The Pipes (Part Two)

"So, what is this place?" asks Amanda as they walk through a river of blue glowing liquid. Everything else is dark. "It used to be a place of beauty. Then..." says Fred. We zoom in on his now negative face. "The peacocks came." he says. We zoom out, his face is back to normal. "And turned off the lights. And since then, no one has ever found the light switch. Ow!" he bumps into a switch. "Oh, here it is." he says. He clicks it. FZZZT everything lights up pale blue. "Um...that was quick." says Amanda.
The peacocks didn't really do a good job of engulfing them in darkness for all eternity.


#122: Alexa

Fred tells an Amazon Echo (a dark gray cylinder with a blue light on top) "Alexa, order strawberry yogurt-" But Alexa responds, "DO NOT BOTHER ME WITH YOUR TRIVIAL REQUESTS, FOOLISH HUMAN." Fred gives the Echo a 1-star review. "Fred McJeannason Would not buy again. 39 people thought dis wuz cool beans"
There is still time. Tell Amazon HQ to shut down Alexa before it's too late.


#117: Technical Difficulties

Wɇ'ɍɇ ħȺvɨnǥ ŧɇȼħnɨȼȺł đɨffɨȼᵾłŧɨɇs. ⱣłɇȺsɇ sŧȺnđ ƀɏ wħɨłɇ wɇ ɍɇmøvɇ ŧħɇ Ŧ-Ɍɇx. Ɇvɇɍɏŧħɨnǥ ɨs fɨnɇ.