#245: Good Riddance


[Alex is building a simple blobby snowman. Max is building a detailed snow stick figure out of snow, twigs, and vines. Fred is walking toward Elaine and Amanda.] \n Fred: Hi guys! \n Elaine: You made it! \n [They now have glasses of champagne.] \n Elaine: Wow, this year has been pretty terrible. COVID, RBG, wildfires... \n Amanda: Let's toast to a better 2021! \n Fred: Yeah! \n [They are laughing and chatting. Alex is accidentally sledding backwards, crushing his snowman. Max is hovering and meditating, with the Glyphs surrounding him. He is projecting a ray of red light into space.] \n [Zoom out to the entire Earth. The ray of light is visible in space, projecting from Southern California.] \n [A blank space. The "ceiling" has all the stars on it, and the ray of light is visible projecting from the Sun and surrounding Max, who is there. Also there are Life, Time, and two Celestial Managers.] \n CEILING: UNIVERSE HQ \n Life: Ok, what next for "Decade of Horror"? \n Time: earthquake in NYC? \n Max: UN budget shortage? \n Cyan Celestial Manager: Meteor hits Tokyo? \n Life: I love all of these ideas. \n [The right side shows a scene of fireworks and the cast of characters: Spider-Fish, Amanda, Alex, Fred, Max, Elaine, Grady, Time, and Life. A small signature design in the bottom-right corner.] \n CAPTION: HAPPY Bodha, Advent, St Barbara's, Krampusnacht, St Nick's, St Lucia's, Longest Night, Christmas, St Anastasia's, St Stephen's, St John's, Holy Innocent's, St Sylvester's, Pancha Ganapati, HumanLight, Hannukah, Yule, Kolilada, Yalda, Boxing Day, Dongzhi Festival, Hogmunay, Kwanzaa, ลŒmisoka, Soyal, Winter Solstice, Chalica, St Basil's, Twelfth Night, Epiphany, Tu BiShvat, Lohri, Maghi, Pongal

Goodbye, 2020. You will not be missed. Editor's note: We take this back due to recent events: the EU collapse, UN budget shortage, and all the CIA files being erased due to an error in the flag-parser dependency.