#115: Puns are Bad (Part One)

Cutie Pie says HEH HEH. He holds up a megaphone. "FREEZE! THIS IS A HOLDUP! GIVE ME ALL THE BANK'S MONEY OR I RECITE AN ENDLESS STREAM OF PUNS!" The person at the counter, who has a mustache, says "I'm sorry, sir, we can't just give all our money to anyone who asks." "All right. We'll do this the hard way. WHAT DID THE FOOTBALL COACH SAY TO THE VENDING MACHINE? GIVE ME MY QUARTER-" says Cutie Pie. "OKAY! HERE'S THE MONEY ARE YOU HAPPY?" says the person at the counter, handing Cutie Pie a large sack of money.
Puns are BAD. You're welcome, bank robbers! I just gave you a new technique.


#114: Fred's Storage

 99 Things that Can Go Wrong when Running a Storage Business that Uses Human Stomachs as Storage; The Handbook for People who Can Regurgitate Large Objects And Are Thinking of Running a Storage Business provides useful information on the topic.


#113: Matrix

Take the red pill, the blue pill, the yellow pill, the orange pill, the green pill, the nonexistent pill, the black pill, the fish oil pill, the red-yellow pill, or the white pill.


#112: Oh, Dorothy!

*takes a deep breath* "🙂🚗🌳\U+▯K12-_4//~.2, 🙂🚗🌳\U+▯K12-_4//~.2, 🙂🚗🌳\U+▯K12-_4//~.2!"


#111: Hefty Pepper

Hefty Pepper fans across the globe are bursting with excitement! They've already started Hefty Pepper Wiki.


#110: Error: Message Vetoed

*tries to video call instead* Error: The FaceTime Pigeons of Light are on strike. Until they get more pay, FaceTime will be down.


#108: Peacocks (Part Seven)

4-digit PINs always ruin everything when you're trying to destroy a facility that relays power to laser-eyed peacocks. No bunnies were hurt in the making of this comic.


#107: Peacocks (Part Six)

Fred arrives and explains that there's a switch to turn off the peacocks' lasers - AGH BUNNIES BUNNIES BUNNIES!! TURN IT OFF!!!!


#105: Peacocks (Part Four)

"If only I had a sandwich." says Max. Max thinks about himself eating a sandwich. The sandwich-Max says "Mm. Now if only I had a car..." The newly imagined car-Max says "Yay!" in his car. He drives through the thought bubbles, making both car-Max and sandwich-Max real. "Now I will rule the world with my army of peacocks!" says car-Max. "You can't do that!" says Max. Car-Max thinks about laser-eyed peacocks, who immediately laser the thought bubble and get out. SKREE! SKREE! "AHH" says Max being chased by peacocks. "Just you wait." says car-Max and leaves with a SCREECH of his tires. 
When hypothetical peacocks become real. Everyone's worst nightmare. 😈



#102: Peacocks (Part One)

Peacocks. Shall. Triumph. Happy Pi Day. It won't last for long before the peacock apocalypse.


#94: Wet

 Never-ending boot rainwater. I'm sure they'll figure out how to get rid of it.


#93: Life Hack

After Fred published this on YouTube, he gained 984 subscribers in an hour.