#224: Productivity

[Life, a ghost-like blue figure, is floating in the air holding a paper. Amanda is at her desk, looking at him.] Life: You need to do your homework. [Close-up on Amanda.] Amanda: Maybe I've been avoiding my homework because there's too much stress in my life... [Amanda smiles.] Amanda: and maybe to get rid of that stress, I should play Minecraft! [Life drags Amanda away from her laptop, knocking it and the chair over in the process.] Life: No.
Any human in a nutshell. Just substitute "You need to do your homework" with "You need to walk the dog", "You need to take your vitamins", "You need to destroy the One Ring", etc, etc.


#223: Everything is Football

[Someone kicking a soccer ball.] CAPTION: "FOOTBALL" [People playing American football.] CAPTION: "AMERICAN FOOTBALL" [Someone dunking a basketball.] CAPTION: "BASKET FOOTBALL" [Someone playing tennis.] CAPTION: "RACKET FOOTBALL"
Why are we the only ones that call it soccer? (P.S. I'm getting much better with publishing lately! 😁👍🗓✅)



#219: Dog Mode

[Fred looks slightly depressed. Elaine is in the 2020 spirit, with a rainbow party hat and even a rainbow speech bubble.] CAPTION: 2019-12-31 11:59:00pm Elaine: HAPPY NEW YEAR! Fred: I don't get it... [Fred starts monologuing.] Fred: I was told, "By 2020, there'll be flying cars." Over and over, "By 2020, there'll be flying cars." [Fred grows angry.] Fred: But it's 2020, and there are no flying car- [A silver futuristic Tesla hovering above the ground with laser beams crashes through the wall. Fred looks mildly intrigued. Elaine looks appropriately confused and surprised, her party hat flying off.] SFX: SCREECH [Elon Musk gets out of the car.] Off-panel: Elon Musk?! Elon Musk: Hi. [Elon Musk apologetically waves towards the car.] Elon Musk: Oh, uh, sorry the whole flying car thing is late. It took a while to get Dog Mode working.
For one thing, we had a feature for the car to imitate human driving. But on New Years', the car drove around wildly, eventually getting arrested by police. I think it imitated a little too much.