#262: Greatest Egg Hunt


Happy Orthodox Easter! I missed the deadline for the more widely celebrated one, so I'll celebrate this one instead. The curreny storyline will still be continuing after I publish the belated 4th anniversary comic.


#261: Paying a Visit (Pt. 3)


As you might be able to tell, I made some art updates! I got rid of the ugly panel borders MediBang is giving me and added colorful text that will hopefully be more intuitive.

Some commentary on the locations. That's a real water tank on Mt. Hollywood, check it out on Google Maps. It doesn't have a portal to an different universe on it, though. (Yet.)

Fortune City is an island city inspired by Piltover, Los Angeles, and a little bit of Portorosso.


#260: Paying a Visit (Pt. 2)


New comic's out! This one is...uh...difficult to parse. For those who don't get it...
Celestia is the entirety of the real-life universe, but not all of the full Tiny Stripz universe. The full universe is made up of Celestia and the Other Side.
The Other Side is a small dimension with a planet and a few moons. It was created by An, an ascended human working for the gods. The Pillbug was brought through way back in the day, in this series.

And finally, an Exit or Gate is a portal between the two.


#259: Paying a Visit (Pt. 1)


Finally, I'm back to posting (kind of) regularly!

In case you need some recap, Life (god of life) is Alex and Max's great-great-great-grandfather. They inherited some demigodly powers from him, but Max is the only one who really made use of them. He worked hard for over a year and became a Celestial Manager to service the gods, and now he's teaching his brother how to use magic and his untapped powers.

Also, those mountains in the first panel are real. If you look closely at some recent comics, you might be able to pinpoint Margonsfield... 😉