#147: Lemons (Part Seven)

"YESSSS!" says Max. His laptop is showing a window that says "Found nearby mind. "Time's Mind" POSSESSER v1.2" There are two buttons, "Possess" and "De-possess". Max has clicked De-possess, and the laptop says De-possessing... "You did it?" says Fred. On the other side of a glass door, Time says with a green speech bubble, "Hey, what's going on-" ZAP Cutie Pie's soul is zapped out of Time. "What? Where?" says Time in red. "Aw, man!" says Cutie Pie. "Wait...I've been possessed!" By YOU!" says Time. "This ends NOW!" says Cutie Pie. "What?! Look at you! You don't even have a physical body!" says Time. Cutie Pie zaps himself a physical body. "I do NOW!" he says. "What? How- never mind!" says Time. They speed towards each other. Caption: EPIC BATTLE time VS cutie pie! Sponsored by NETFLIX!! NETFLIX is in red italics.
Though officially, it's written NetFlix™ or NET®flix.

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