#149: Lemons (Part Nine)

AAAAA Cutie Pie is falling. He is a glowing blue soul falling through...outer space? There's no gravity in space. Oh, well. Meanwhile,Time is dizzy and Fred says "What was that?" "Activated the drainage system! Creates a portal out of Universe HQ. Cutie Pie's got just enough divine power left to go home and regain a physical body. Time, are you okay?" "WORRY NO MORE!" shouts an off-panel voice. Spider-Fish and Amanda (Duct Tape Lady) are swinging on webs and duct tape, respectively. Amanda is holding a first-aid kit. "Spider-Fish" says Spider-Fish "and Duct Tape Lady" says Amanda "are here!" says Spider-Fish "We make a great team!" finishes Amanda.
How do you give Time first-aid? To be continued...

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