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Tiny Stripz is a webcomic about the quirky adventures of the now-8-year-old Maxwell McJeannason, Celestial Manager, and his family! It started on April 22nd, 2018. I am its only artist and author.

I draw on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 (SM-T830) and Samsung S Pen with MediBangPaint, and try to publish every other Saturday.

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When is the comic set?

Literally the present. A standalone comic takes place when it's published. A storyline takes place when the first comic in the storyline is published.

There are some exceptions, though. Sometimes it's explicitly stated or implied to take place at a different time, like the Sacrifice storyline. Sacrifice Pt 1 was published October 11, 2020, but all of the Sacrifice comics take place on October 31, 2020. If it's not obviously taking place at a different time, it's probably not, but if you have any questions feel free to comment!

What is the same in the Tiny Stripz universe?

Pretty much everything - if it hasn't been established as different, it should be assumed the same. The only differences right now are all the fantasy elements, like the gods and the Other Side, and the existence of Margonsfield.
Everything from the date Alaska joined the Union to the exact boundaries of ZIP codes is the same - which is why Margonsfield has two ZIP codes, because it occupies real-world territory (that would normally belong to Descanso, CA and Julian, CA).

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Tiny Stripz is under a CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. See also: Orangemos and Artistic Sticks!


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