#150: Lemons (Part Ten)

Fred and Max are worried, Max is holding Time. "Hmm. Looks like Time has a few broken bones." says Amanda. "Not to worry!" says Spider-Fish. She opens the first-aid kit. "Where is it...Aha! This pill will heal broken bones!" says Spider-Fish, holding up a pill. An ad appears. "The BoneHeal™! Heals broken bones in 2 minutes!" A picture of the pill is shown. ""It's official, 'cause this pill just made your medical world AWESOME." - New York Times" Back to Spider-Fish. She gives the pill and a glass of water to Time and says "Swallow this!" Time GULPs it down. Then comes an "X-RAY MONTAGE CLOSE-UP ACTION CLIMAX ROMANTIC SCENE!" as described by a caption, but it simply shows Time, X-rayed, with a brain in the center and four floating broken bones pointing outwards. FZZ... The bones SNAP together. "Yay! I feel better! As thanks! I bestow upon you divine gifts!" The following gifts appear as he declares them, going to Spider-Fish, Max, Fred, and Amanda, respectively. "a bow with unlimited arrows! a laptop that never misses its target!" Max practices throwing the laptop SWOOSH. "a key that opens all doors." Fred says "!!" "and finally.- a gift card!"
An end to my longest series ever - Time gives Spider-Fish, Max, Fred, and Amanda divine gifts.