#234: 2nd Birthday

[Banner hanging from ceiling, with confetti. Fred, Max, Elaine, and Amanda sit at a stable, while Spider-Fish hangs from a thread.] \nBANNER: HAPPY 2nd Bday* \nCAPTION: *Actually April 22nd \nFred: Woooo! \n[Fred drops a simultaneously burning, molding, and frozen cake onto a plate.] \nAmanda: What happened to the cake? \nFred: That's actually a funny story. \n[Fred explains.] \nFred: So I'm at the store, right? And there's this cake just lying on the floor! And so I grab the cake and go. \nAmanda (off-panel): But then why is the cake on fire? \nFred: Well, technically the store was on fire. So I grab it- \n[Amanda looks worried.] \nAmanda: Wait, on *fire?!* \nFred (off-panel): Only one aisle. \nFred: It's probably ok, right? I was wearing thick clothes. And I had a water jug with me. \nAmanda (off-panel): ...I'm getting the cake next time.
Two years! Wooo! 🥳 Wow, can't believe it's been two years. Also can't believe my posting schedule has been offset so much I'm celebrating it more than a month late 😩😂


#233: Norris Poker (Part Five)

[Norris Poker, holding a phone, climbs out of a skyscraper window and onto a red beam on which Fred sits, hanging from wire. In the background, a lady fights her evil Venus flytrap.] Poker: Ok, I think we lost - [A laser cuts the wire.] SFX: ZAP [Poker falls off the beam, passing the phone to Fred in the process. Fred hangs on.] Poker: ! [Fred's POV. He desperately taps on the phone, trying to create a wormhole.] SFX: TAP TAP TAP [Meanwhile, Poker is still falling.] Poker: AAAAAAA [The newly created wormhole ripples the fabric of space.] [Poker falls into a glowing wormhole. In the background, a person is floating while meditating, a robot is electrocuting its unfortunate creator, a person types on an old computer, and a T-rex chases people across the apartment building.] SFX: FWOOM
This one took a long time! Been putting a lot more work into the art lately.