#218: Rob Boss

[Fred is sitting on the couch. A TV remote and chip bag with chips are strewn across it. Amanda is standing next to him.] Amanda: Whatcha doing? Fred: Watching Rob Boss. [We see the TV screen. We see "Rob Boss", an angry figure with the signature afro of Bob Ross, but with stubble. He is holding a black painter's pallete made of glass with his initials on it.] Rob Boss: I'm ROB BOSS. And this is how you PAINT. The ONLY way to paint. All that other stuff is pure GARBAGE. [We zoom into the canvas, on which he is haphazardly splattering green paint with his two-inch brush.] Rob Boss: Now I'm gonna make an angry little tree here. SFX: SPLAT [We zoom out. The easel has a splatter of torn paper and green paint as a "tree" where Rob Boss has painted.] Rob Boss: Don't like it? DEAL WITH IT.
Ok, ready for your bravery test? *chuckles* *throws palette at canvas*


#217: Crowdfunding

[Max and Grady are walking together. Grady looks slightly annoyed.] Max: Hey Dad, Mom told me Santa flies around the world giving toys to good children! [Grady turns around towards Max.] Grady: That's ridiculous. How would he get the money for that? [A screenshot of a Kickstarter for Santa Claus.] CAPTION: Santa's Workshop - $45.7M pledged - 3M backers - 3 days to go
 There are rumors that Santa actually compromises business email accounts and wires money to scam bank accounts, and that the whole Kickstarter thing is just a cover.


#213: Coder Life

[A black hatted sillouhette is standing in cascading green binary.] CAPTION: WHAT MY PARENTS THINK I DO [A determined coder is sitting at his desk, confidently staring at several monitors displaying code and strange symbols, windows, and charts. We may never know what this dope dude is doing, he's so leet.] CAPTION: WHAT I THINK I DO [A frustrated coder is smashing his laptop with a sledgehammer. He has started an electrical fire. He doesn't care. HIS CODE ISNT WORKING HE NEED SMASH.] CAPTION: WHAT I ACTUALLY DO
I recently waded through a bunch of uncommented code, then redesigned it completely...AND IT WORKED. It was (*puts on sunglasses*) dope.