#153: Google.com

Grady is sitting at a desk with a laptop on it. Elaine is behind him. "Hey, how do you get to Google?" he asks. "You just type in https://google.com-" Elaine says, but Grady interrupts, "Ugh, that's too much typing. I'll find my own way." 2 HOURS LATER Cut to the Google homepage with "how to videos" in the search box. "Yes!" says Grady from off-panel. "You figured it out?" says Elaine. Grady explains, "See, you open Hangouts, then click Settings. Then go to Auto-Forwarding, and copy the part of the URL that comes after ?=. Then you paste it in a .jpg file and scan it as a QR..." Elaine facepalms.
"...and then copy the error code that comes up, email it to no-reply@google.com, and..."

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