#244: McDonald's Plus


[Person is stepping out of a limo. Fred is greeting them.] \n Fred: Thanks for coming out to Margonsfield! \n Person: Ugh. This city better be worth it. \n [They are walking towards a McDonalds.] \n Fred: And this is the finest eatery in Margonsfield! \n Person: A McDonalds?! \n [They are sitting at a bench inside the McDonalds. Person is furious, Fred is calmly reading the menu.] \n Person: I can't believe this! I come to this crappy town and their best restaurant is a Mc- \n Off-panel: Ma'am. [The off-panel speaker is revealed to be a waiter with a mustache and a tuxedo, carrying a bottle of champagne and a serving dome. There is a soda vending machine serving "FINE SPIRITS" in the background.] \n Waiter: Champagne?

My next comic will be a special joint Christmas/New Years comic! It will be published Jan 1.