#196: The Other Side (Part Ten)

The Pillbug, Elaine as an ant, and Max are falling through space, glowing blue. YAAAAAY says Max. "Whoa!" he says as a portal appears. ZAP Out of the other side they come into a room with a green lamp. Elaine is back in human form. "Wheee!" says Max. "AUGHHH!" says Elaine. They all land with a WHUMP. "Hey, returning to Earth restored you to human form!" says Max. "Hey, yeah! Who wants deep-fried saltines?" says Elaine. "Deep-fried saltines?" says the Pillbug. "They're really good." says Max. "Okaaay..." says the Pillbug.
Sorry for not posting lately! I guess I got pretty lazy... Anyway, this is the final installment in the "The Other Side" series! Yay!

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