#201: Batman (Part Five)

[A bunch of bats.] Bats: SKREE! SKREE! [Max is kneeling, dressed in Batman helmet, cape, gold jewled Thanos glove and tank with welding nozzle. White Bats are shooting from the nozzle.] Max: YAHH! White Bats: SKREE! SKREE! [The Black Bats and White Bats steer around each other.] Both Bats: SKREE! SKREE! [White Bats fly out the window, while Black Bats attack Bruce Wayne.] Both Bats: SKREE! SKREE! Bruce: AUGH! [Focusing on Max.] Max: Sigh... Time for PLAN B. Off-panel Bruce: OW OW OW! [Close-up of Max's glove, snapping his fingers, black and white pattern in background.] SFX: SNAP [Garfield, buff, appears.] SFX: POOF Garfield: 'Sup Max: Garfield, GO!
Buff + Garfield = Buffield or Bufffield? Or Buff-field? 💪🏋️‍♀️😹

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