#200: Batman (Part Four) [200TH COMIC!!!]

HEADER: 200TH COMIC!! [Dr. Bruce Wayne is sick.] Bruce: Ughhh... Off-panel: WHOA! Max is tapping on holographic screens. Max: COMPUTER, initiate 3D-PRINTING! Computer: PRINTING Untitled 26fkjst.skp. [Max runs over to a complex machine printing a superhero suit.] SFX: BZZT [Max is wearing a black helmet with pointy ears and glowing eyes, a cape, and a tank attatched to a welding torch nozzle with a tube.] Fred: What is it FOR? [Max is glowing with a heroic pattern behind him.] Max: IT'S TIME TO FIGHT BATS WITH BATS. [Everything is back to normal, Eagle enters carrying a glove.] Off-panel: SKREE! Eagle: CHEEP! Max: JUST IN TIME.
The first time an accurate eagle noise is used in a comic.

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