#202: Batman (Part Six)

[A buff Garfield is leaping into the air. There are two close-ups in a sub-panel.] Garfield: HI-YA! [Garfield is legit pwning the bats.] SFX: PUNCH WHIZ POW BOP BAM ZAP POW ZONG Garfield (singing): Na na na na na Garfield! / Bats don't stand a chance, no, no [Garfield is balancing on his left hand and the Bats are fleeing through the window. Max is dressed up with a black helmet with pointy ears and white glowing eyes.] Garfield (singing): When Garfield's arounnnnd! Bats: SKREE! SKREE! Dr. Bruce Wayne and Max: WOOOO! [Garfield bowing.] Garfield: Thank you, thank you. But the job's not over yet. Off-panel: It's NOT? Garfield: NO! There are EVIL BATS on the loose! We MUST protect Margonsfield! WE WILL STOP THEM!" Bruce and Max: YEAH! [A night cityscape. A bat helmet logo is projected in the sky. Garfield, Bruce, and Max are heroically standing on a building.] CAPTION: AND SO, OUR STORY ENDS, AND IT IS UP TO OUR HEROES TO DEFEND THE CITY FROM EVIL BATS. MESSAGE WRITTEN IN STARS: THE END
The series ends. Rest safe, because Bufffield, Dr. Bruce, and Max watch over your town. 🦇🦇🦇 vs. 🐱💪+👨‍🔬+👦 = 😌🌃

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