#198: Batman (Part Two)

Dr. Bruce Wayne slams the door behind him. "MAX, we MUST get to SAFETY! This DOOR won't hold for LONG!" "Uh-huh." says Max. BAM BAM "...Max?" asks Bruce. Max has wandered off-panel. Next panel: He is wearing a golden jewled glove and an eagle is on his hand. "Whoosa good boy?" "Purrrrr" says the eagle. "MAX! That's my PRIZE EAGLE! Don't-" CRASH SKREE! comes from off-panel. "CHARGE!" shouts Max, raising his fist. The eagle flies off-panel. He snaps his fingers. SNAP His fingers sparkle and everything turns to outer space and back again. Eagle turns into phoenix and speeds toward cloud of bats. GROWLL! says Eagle. SKREE! say Bats. WOOOO! says Max. There is a BOMM and an explosion. The bats are roasted. SCREECH HISS
Some of you will recognize that as Thanos's glove from Endgame! ๐Ÿงค #CoolGloveDude I confess, I have never watched Endgame and only know about it from the Google easter egg you get from Googling "thanos".

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