#195: The Other Side (Part Nine)

The Pillbug (a giant pillbug) is carrying two packs on his back. Max wearing red goggles and Elaine as an ant is walking next to him. "What's that?" asks the Pillbug. "What?" says Max. The Pillbug stands up. His antennae quiver. "I can feel something. Something close by." "You have pillbug-sense?" "Shh!" They come next to a river. "Oh great, a river." says Max. "Hmm..." says the Pillbug, and presses on a rock. BEEP FSHHHH A portal, complete with seaweed and octopus, comes out of the river. "Whoa." says Max. "You first." says the Pillbug. "Whee!" says Max, jumping in. Elaine jumps in too. On the other side of the portal we see they have appeared in an outer space like enviroment and are glowing blue.
There are octopi in rivers? 🐙🌊 #OctopusInARiver

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