#194: The Other Side (Part Eight)

The Pillbug (a giant pillbug) types on a laptop. TAP TAP TAP TAP TAP "java -jar run.jar Running. Results: -----" DING! The laptop displays radar. "This way! Just let me pack some bags." says the Pillbug. Max and Elaine as an ant follow him. 2 HOURS LATER... They are hiking through the hills near mountains. "So, why are you coming?" asks Max. "Well, 100 years ago, our ancestors foretold that the North Wind led to the Exit." says the Pillbug. "The "Exit"?" asks Max, carrying a roll on his back. "We pillbugs can't fit through portals. So we have to go through the Exit of the Other Side. But it's hard to find the North Wind, because "north" here is always changing. The Other Side is ruled by a crazy dictator. We're looking for refuge on your side."
You can display radar on the command line?

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