#191: The Other Side (Part Five)

Max wearing red goggles says "Here, take these." to Elaine, handing her a pair of green goggles. "Wow!" she says as she puts them on. She can see through the goggles Max making a funny face and two ghosts. The goggles identify info about each creature. "What does this button do?" she says, pressing a button BEEP. "Don't-" Max says, reaching out to stop her, but too late. There is a POP and she disappears. Max looks on the ground. He is annoyed. Elaine has turned into an ant. "?!?" says Elaine. "Ok, Mom. Let's go find you a cure." says Max. "|||||" says Elaine. Max walks past some stands. "Which of these stores do you think sells antidotes?" he asks. "|||||..." says Elaine.
< First You should really put a warning label on that button.

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