#189: The Other Side (Part Three)

Elaine and Max wearing red glowing goggles are near a purple blob, a skeleton, and a green ghost. "How did-" says Elaine. "No time! Follow me!" interrupts Max. They go into an alley between a broken down pub and another broken down building. "This isn't a safe place for you!" says Max. "Max, you're 5!" says Elaine, getting angry. "Look, there are demons who will eat you." says Max. "Then why are you here? Where is this?!?" says Elaine. "The Other Side." says Max mysteriously. "Of what?" says Elaine. "..." says Max. BZZ BZZ "Hold on. I'm being paged." Max takes out his pager, which has the number 257-6926 on it. "You have a PAGER?" says Elaine.
< First "How are you even getting signal?" "This WiFi router I carry around with me."

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