#193: The Other Side (Part Seven)

Max, wearing red goggles and carrying Elaine as an ant, is walking among spirits such as The Grim Reaper, a red blob, two ghosts, and a giant pillbug. "North Wind, huh?" he says. "Did you say North Wind?" asks the pillbug. "Yeah." says Max. "I know what that is! Follow me! See, the North Wind is a wind that's north." says the Pillbug. "I guessed that." says Max. "YOU DID?! YOU'RE SMART!!!" exclaims the Pillbug. They arrive at a small green door. "I've spent my whole life working on a North Wind tracking machine! Come see!" says the Pillbug. They go through the door, into a blue house with a chandelier. "Welcome to my humble home!" says the Pillbug. "Whoa." says Max. They see a giant machine plugged into two outlets and a laptop. "This bad boy will locate the North Wind for ya. Don't touch, ok?" says the Pillbug. "Got it." says Max.
< First Pretty nice home for a pillbug. Actually, pretty nice home for anyone.

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