#96: Negative Saltines (Part Two)

Fred and Elaine are blurred and stretched. AAAAAA they say. Then they say UMPH. "Where are we?" says Elaine, dizzy. "NGG..." says Fred, flat against the ground. We zoom out to see a large warehouse, with "WELCOME TO UNIVERSE HQ!" in red. "WE'RE HIRING!" is in blue. "PHYSICS BROKEN? CALL 314-159-2653" is in black. "You're going in?" says Fred. "Where else would we go?" says Elaine, walking in the doorway. There is a sign next to Fred. We zoom in and see the sign says "no mortals, except those with special persimmon" with a red cross over Amanda, a bird, and a cat. "Okay..." says Fred, walking in.

Yes, I meant to say "persimmon". To be continued...

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