#115: Puns are Bad (Part One)

Cutie Pie says HEH HEH. He holds up a megaphone. "FREEZE! THIS IS A HOLDUP! GIVE ME ALL THE BANK'S MONEY OR I RECITE AN ENDLESS STREAM OF PUNS!" The person at the counter, who has a mustache, says "I'm sorry, sir, we can't just give all our money to anyone who asks." "All right. We'll do this the hard way. WHAT DID THE FOOTBALL COACH SAY TO THE VENDING MACHINE? GIVE ME MY QUARTER-" says Cutie Pie. "OKAY! HERE'S THE MONEY ARE YOU HAPPY?" says the person at the counter, handing Cutie Pie a large sack of money.
Puns are BAD. You're welcome, bank robbers! I just gave you a new technique.

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