#103: Peacocks (Part Two)

PEW PEW PEW Lasers are firing at Alex and Max. "We'll be fried!" cries Alex. "I know just who to call. Oh, SPIDER-FISH!" says Max. A FEW BLOCKS AWAY... is the caption as we see a pond with seaweed and an underwater spider web with Spider-Fish in the middle. Spider-Fish hears Max. "DID I JUST HEAR A CRY FOR HELP?" says Spider-Fish. She zooms into the air on a web. "HERE I COMMME!" PEW a laser cuts Spider-Fish's airborne web. "What the- AAAAA" she says as she falls from the sky. She knocks Alex and Max out of the way of a laser WHUMP PEW. "What was THAT?" cries Spider-Fish now hanging from a web. "Peacocks. Listen, can you get us to some kind of laser-proof bunker ASAP?" asks Alex. "That's what I'm here for! Buckle up." says Spider-Fish. 
The Peacocks strike back. Pew pew pew.

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