#68: Nanowave

The caption: FROM THE CREATORS OF THE MICROWAVE... COMES THE NANOWAVE! A microwave with a smiley face "Smiley face, to cheer you up! Interchangable with sad face for sad occasions, i.e. dropping a cookie.", a confusing stuff® sticker "Sticker of the maker company, to annoy you!", a clock that reads 0000000000 "Uses Unix epoch time!", a keypad with square root, times 2 "Has square root and times 2 buttons, replacing add 30 seconds!", Bluetooth "Connects to Bluetooth", and a stick figure button "Reads transcript of latest xkcd comic!", also there is a leak "Leak!", radio antenna "Radio antenna!", and a Google Assistant sticker "Connects to Google Assistant!" The caption is BUY YOURS NOW! with $99,999.99 crossed out, replaced by $99,999.94. LIMITED OFFER!
It has a "fruit cake" setting, too! For that awkward situation when you want to microwave fruit cake, but your microwave hasn't got that button!

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