#54: Stan Lee

A cloud with glowing blue eyes is roaring "GROARRR" and raining on Amanda and Max. In a cloud of rainbows and sparkles, Max pushes the cloud away with a NUDGE, and floats off the ground with VWRRR. "Hey Max, how did you get your powers?" asks Amanda. Max explains, "Well it all started one day..." The panel changes to a weather screen with MON showing a sun, TUE showing a rain cloud, and WED showing a radioactivity symbol. "When I was bitten by a radioactive meteorologist," says Max and reads the caption, as a bald meteorologist with black eyes chomps Past Max's arm, who is surprised. Amanda can't think of anything to say for a while except "Spider-Man is going to sue you." Max says, "I'm the one who came up with it first. He just patented it."