#59: Not Dishwasher Safe (Part Three)

A green T-Rex with its green tongue hanging out is chasing Elaine, who is behind Max, who is holding an orange mug. "We've gotta get outta here!" says Elaine. "How?" says Max. They are sliding towards the edge of a cliff. All three fall off. "The time machine!" shouts Elaine. "It's out of battery!" says Max, rattling the orange mug. They land, Elaine off-balance. "Hey, T-Rex!" says Max. Then he splashes the T-Rex using a gigantic green squirt gun labeled Soakey Soak and the dinosaur is jetted off-panel. Dizzy swirls and stars come from off-panel. Max puts away the Soakey Soak. "How-?" asks Elaine. "I always keep a squirt gun, just in case. Should buy us enough time to recharge the time-machine." says Max.

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