#57: Not Dishwasher Safe (Part One)

"Mom! Have you seen my time machine? It looks like an orange mug!" says Max as he comes running into the panel. "Yeah, I put an orange mug in the dishwasher." says Elaine. "Oh, no. It's not a mug, it's a TIME MACHINE. And it's NOT DISHWASHER SAFE." says Max. The panel turns darker as light comes from the left, and also an "eeeeeee" sound. Max and Elaine whip their heads around. They are getting blurry. They and a green T-Rex blur and warp with an eeeeBOOM as the panel shatters. "to be continued" reads the caption.
Never, EVER put a time machine in the dishwasher. It leaves weird stains all over the plates. And also the universe shatters.

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