#64: 1,000,000

The caption is "1,000,000 COMICS!*" in glowing blue letters. On the C, Cuddles the green snake is hanging with pink hearts. Next to him, Max is hovering in a rainbow sparkle cloud. At the bottom is the footnote, "Well, 64. 64 is 1,000,000 in binary." On top, Friday is standing with a sign that says "WOOL = $5.99/lb" and saying, "$₿€!" There is also a carboard box with big black eyes and a wobbly smile, a green dinosaur holding an orange mug that's glowing and sucking things toward it, Time, a speck, with the caption "hi!" above it surrounded by a red rectangle, and riding the dinosaur is Alex. Elaine is at the end of the footnote. Fred is hanging on.
Our 64th comic! But 64 is 1,000,000 in binary.