#51: Cutie Pie (Part One)

Fred is whistling, walking down a sidewalk, falls into a hole, and hits his head with a "CLUNK". The panels turn black with white drawings. "TWO HOURS LATER... FRED WAKES UP." reads the caption. "Where am I?" he asks. "In my evil lair!" answers a person with a porkpie hat. "Who are you?" Fred asks, while struggling. "My name is Cutie Pie!" Cutie Pie answers. "This potion will erase your memories and hypnotize you as my evil servant!" he claims, pulling out a giant syringe. "NO! DON'T!" Fred screams. "Why? Want to keep your precious memories?" asks Cutie Pie. "No, it's not that. I don't like needles..." answers Fred. Cutie Pie puts away the needle and looks annoyed. 
Today I introduce my first human evil villain.

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