#130: Expelliarmus

AAA! DARTH VADER! APPEARED OUT OF NOWHERE! CHASING ME! tells Alex to Fred. Darth Vader shows up. "I know what to do!" Fred says and holds up a flashlight. "A flashlight?" asks Alex. ZOOP! CLIK Fred turns it on, and it's actually a red lightsaber. "EXPELLIARMUS!" He points the lightsaber at Darth Vader like a wand and a jet of red light comes out and hits him off-panel. "Ow!" says Darth Vader from off-panel. He is annoyed. "I think you're getting your fiction mixed up." says Alex. "Huh, maybe!" says Fred, shaking the now-off lightsaber.
"It's bad enough you panicked and tried to shoot a Patronus at Luke Skywalker."

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