#126: SOS

Amanda is teaching Alex and Max. She has a telegram on a table. "Hi kids! Today we'll be learning about the telegram. If a ship was in trouble they'd send out an SOS signal, a series of beeps that told other ships they need help! Like this..." Amanda uses the telegram to go bip bip bip BEEP BEEP BEEP bip bip bip. CRASH chunks of plaster come out of the wall and the table breaks. Everyone is blown back. A red biplane with Fred in it emerges from the hole. "Who? What? Are you hurt?!" says Fred. "No, we're fine..." says Amanda. "Oh, ok..." says Fred. VRRRRM... the biplane backs out of the hole.
"So kids, when there's a fire, first get out of your house, then call 911-" *CRASH* "What fire?!" "Nothing."

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