#123: The Pipes (Part One)

?!? says Amanda, clicking a lamp's switch three times without it turning on. Fred carrying a suitcase, says "Hi Amanda! What should I fix?" "My lamp's not working." explains Amanda. Fred looks at the electrical outlet connected to the lamp. "Pipes are clogged." "What?" says Amanda from off-panel. "The electricity pipes. Hang on..." He pops the plug out. "Password?" asks a voice from the outlet," "abc123." says Fred. The ceiling rumbles and plaster rains down. FOOM the outlet enlarges to the size of a door. Fred opens it to reveal a staircase which he walks down. "Come on!" he tells Amanda. Now we can see the staircase leads to a dark sewer-like place. SPLISH he splashes through a river of cyan glowing liquid.
 The master of the Pipes has a very bad password.

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