#121: Deep Yoga

Elaine and Amanda are lying on blue yoga mats with white crests that say DEEP YOGA, MAY THE YOGISTS BE WITH YOU, and IS SO COOL. Fred says "Hello and welcome to Deep Yoga! Before we start I want you to know something: This isn't a watered-down beginner Deep Yoga class. This is what actual Deep Yogists do for a living. A LIVING. This job is very high-paychecking. Deep Yogists make $20,000 per hour and I don't know why. Now we're going to do the Tree Pose WHILE solving a Starbuck's cube. No scissors allowed and knights can only move in Ls." Fred holds up a green cube with icons of coffee pitchers on it. "Wait, what?" says Elaine. "Also, you can't use dice. Only spinners." says Fred. "Are you really a Deep Yoga teacher?" asks Elaine skeptically. "I hope so!" says Fred excitedly.
Sign up for Deep Yoga today: https://bit.ly/2UkbyDm

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