#255: On Trial (Part Seven)

[Time, Fred, and Max.] \n CAPTION: BACK IN THE PRESENT... \n Time: well, time to go home, i suppose. \n Fred: Oh boy! Can we take the fire donkeys again? \n [Time and Fred.] \n Time: well, uh...you got here by eating negative saltines? \n Fred: And broke reality, which sent me here to prevent further damage. \n [Close-up of Time.] \n Time: um...you'd want to...obviously, you could...maybe...uhhh... \n [Fred runs away gleefully.] \n Time: sure, take the fire donkeys again. \n Fred: Yayyyy! \n [Max and Time watch Fred off-panel.] \n Fire donkey: ROAR \n Fred: Giddyup! \n [Max turns to see an annoyed Life staring down at him.] \n [Max talks to Life.] \n Max: Life, I know you're disappointed in me- \n Life: I'm not disappointed. I'm just mad. \n [Max begs.] \n Max: But I don't know what I was thinking and I'm really sorry and can I have another chance? \n [Life is moved.] \n [He grudgingly restores Max's magic.] \n Life: Fine. You can have your magic back. \n Max: Yay! \n [Time restores Max's magic.] \n Time: you know you'll have to recharge next year, Max. \n Max: I know. \n Time: so we're sending you to the Other Side to find magic. \n Max: Oh, ok. \n Life: We are? \n [Max juggles fireballs in the background.] \n Time: i know it's dangerous, but it's not his first trip and- \n Life: It's not? \n Time: ... \n [Life points at Time, who is angry, while Max drops a fireball and starts a fire by accident.] \n Life: I *knew* it! You *do* like that place! \n Time: those trips were strictly necessary! he needs to find some sustainable magic source! the less magic there the better! \n [Time turns to Max as Max waves and disappears.] \n Time: anyway, you should probably get going. \n Max: Bye! \n Time: your magic should last till Halloween '21, so you should leave for the Other Side around then. \n [Zoom out to show the main Universe HQ buildings are on a large floating island in space with patches of grass and vines. There are other similar floating islands with energy bridges between them.] \n Time: seriously though, how many mortals did you marry? \n Life: Just the ones I married? \n Time: *sigh* \n CAPTION: HAPPY HALLOGIVING FROM TINY STRIPZ
Finally, I can return to the present. Tune in next comic for Max's adventures with the Pillbug in the Other Side!