#256: Bad Idea


[Fred, Amanda, and Elaine.] \n Fred: You know that power outage we had? \n Amanda: Yeah. \n Fred: I realized even though it was dark, I could still feel around for where everything was! \n [Fred holds a green blindfold.] \n Fred: I've decided to go blindfolded for a day to see what it's like. \n Amanda (off-panel): Uh oh. \n Elaine (off-panel): There are so many ways that could go wrong. \n [Fred's phone alarm buzzes on the table.] \n PHONE: 6:30 \n [Fred showering with blindfold.] \n [Fred brushing his teeth.] \n [Fred washing his face.] \n SFX: SPLASH \n [Fred eating his breakfast, cereal strewn about.] \n SFX: CRUNCH \n [Fred clicks his seatbelt.] \n SFX: CLICK \n [Fred drives out of his barn/garage in his 1952 Volkswagen Beetle.] \n SFX: VROOM \n [A Prius is waiting at a red light.] \n SFX: CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK \n [Fred's car crashes into the Prius.] \n SFX: BOOM \n [Fred, Amanda, Elaine. Fred is covered in casts.] \n Elaine: That..did not go well. \n Fred: But not in the way you might expect!
"Why didn't you just take off the blindfold to go to work?" "Hindsight is 20/20, okay? Especially when you can't see at all at the time."

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