#250: On Trial (Part Three)


[Life and Time. Time is growing angry and red.] \n Time: you MARRIED a MORTAL? \n Life: It gets lonely here with only you to talk to! \n [Time begins to assume his true form. Life's essence is sucked toward Time.] \n Time: there are hundreds of Managers here, and *billions* of humans in your "Afterlife"! \n Life: Whoa, calm down... Your don't want to annihilate HQ again, do you? \n [Time calms down.] \n Time: sigh...you're right. i guess- \n [Fred enters, glowing green. Time gets angry again.] \n Fred: Hey guys! \n Time: what-WHO WANTS TO EXPLAIN WHAT A MORTAL IS DOING HERE? \n [A confused Life squeezes Fred's face.] \n Life: Fred? How did you get here? \n Fred: Same as last time... \n [Flashback to glowing saltines surrounded by "-1"s.] \n Fred: ...One too many saltines.

I'm back baby! Sorry for only posting 5 panels after nearly 4 months of hiatus, but a 21-panel is ready to go for Saturday. This series is going to add a lot of backstory and make a few references to past comics. Fred is referencing Negative Saltines here.


  1. That's cool that your referencing previous comics because now they seem connected in one universe

    1. I hope that's not a franchise already lol. A few are non-canon though