#249: On Trial (Part Two)


[Close-up of Time.] \n Time: life, present your prosecution. \n [Close-up of Life.] \n Life: On October 31st, 2020, Maxwell McJeannson attempted to murder Frederico McJeannason. \n [Life and Time.] \n Time: is that a crime? \n Life: It should be! \n [Time.] \n Time: being plaintiff and judge should be illegal too, but here we are. \n Time: let's see what the Convention has to say about this. \n [A book with maroon leather and a gold clock engraved on the cover appears.] \n SFX: POP \n [Time reads from the Convention.] \n Time: *ahem* "thou shall not kill, except under one of the following conditions: 1) the victim a) is a mortal free of any Celestial affiliations. \n [The book has disappeared.] \n Time: stupid humans always misquoting me. \n Time: well, that settles- \n Life (off-panel): Wait! \n [Life speaking smugly.] \n Life: I happen to know Fred's great-great-grandmother was directly affiliated with a Celestian. \n [Time and Life.] \n Time: really? how? \n Life: Uhhh... \n [Flashback. Life is holding hands with his bride. He is mostly in human form but his eyes are the same blue as before. A preist reads from a book.] \n CAPTION: Mar 14, 1900 \n Priest: ...I now pronounce you man and wife.

Thou shall not steal, by the definition of steal defined in §135.4.6 "Definitions" and using the exceptions specified in §49.1.11 "Common crime exceptions".

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