#248: On Trial (Part One)


[Max praying. A red glow surrounds him and the Glyphs of Time, Life, Persimmons, Pi, and Energy are present in front of his face.] \n Max: Dear Time, yesterday I made a terrible mistake. \n [Cut to Universe HQ. An astral projection of Max is present, connected by a red line to Earth, a speck on the starry ceiling. Time is also there.] \n Max: I tried to kill my uncle in a futile attempt to maintain my power. \n [Close-up of Time, a black speck.] \n Time: ok. and? \n [Beat. Zoom out to reveal Life hovering expectantly.] \n [Same scene.] \n Time: uh, i mean, what a serious crime! attempted murder of a creature i didn't like in the first place. \n Time: your punishment is making me a quesadilla. \n [Life throws up his hands.] \n Life: Time! He must have a real punishment. \n Time: he hasn't had a trial! \n [Life crosses his arms.] \n [Center on Time.] \n Time: oh come on! you're not really gonna- \n [A courthouse with Celestian flags on either side of the bench. Time is at the bench, and Life is also there, sitting smugly.] \n Time: sigh \n Time: the Celestial Court of Justice will now hear Life v. McJeannason. (case 23782343957823)

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