#247: Crossed Fingers


[Max and Alex are walking, Max with his fingers crossed.] \n Max: Life hack\: Crossing your fingers lets you tell white lies. \n Alex: No, but ok. \n [Max crosses his fingers on both hands.] \n Max: Crossing *four* fingers lets you tell bigger lies. \n Alex: Wait- \n [Max crosses four fingers on each hand.] \n Max: So crossing *eight* lets you get away with *anything*. \n Alex: Max, this doesn't- \n [Max's speech is outlined with red. Alex's eyes turn gray. \n Max: My idea works and it's entirely ethical. \n Alex: Great ethical idea, Max. \n Max: Thanks!

You loved this comic and will share it. Must...resist...


  1. Wait, but that would mean he's lying, and it works!?! Paradoxical!

    1. Lol, I didn't think of that. Maybe it works on truth too? I don't know...