#232: Norris Poker (Part Four)

[Poker is standing above a thief with his hands on his hips.] Thief: Ok, ok! I did it! I'll give you the phone. [Thief hands Poker a phone from a box of phones in a pile of phones, money, and jewelry, some in boxes.] Thief: Here. [Fred is tapping his phone. It's not turning on.] CAPTION: LATER... SFX: CLIK CLIK CLIK Fred: ?! [The panel darkens. Fred realizes the phone is fake.] [Fred is angrily explaining to Poker on the phone, sitting on the couch with his laptop on his lap. Poker is leaning against a shady brick wall with his phone to his ear.] Fred: The guy got away scot-free! We need to go back! Poker: Ok, ok. Calm down. Is there anything special about the phone? [Close-up of Fred.] Fred: Last week, I downloaded an OS that lets you manipulate wormholes... Poker: Wait, what? [Poker hangs up.] Poker: That could be catastrophic! Meet me there, stat. SFX: beep [Thief is snoring in bed.] Thief: ZZZzzz [Poker and Fred are sitting on a beam hanging from a crane outside the skyscraper apartment building. Some rooms are lit up, and silhouettes of people dancing at a party, a person working at a desk, and a person jumping over stakes are visible.] Poker: Let's go. [They have arrived in a large room with a large pile of money and a much larger pile of phones. One is ringing, but it is buried under the others.] Fred: This must be where he keeps the real loot. Laptop: LOCATING PHONE... Buried Phone: 🎵 [Fred whips his head around. Thief is carrying a high-tech laser gun.] [Poker holds up the saved phone. A laser hits the panel wall.] Poker: Found it- SFX: PEW [Fred shoves Poker into a run.] Fred: RUN! SFX: PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW

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