#231: Norris Poker (Part Three)

[Fred and Norris Poker are getting into a cool red car.] Fred: Whoa... Poker: Get in. [The high-tech dashboard of the car, equipped with a large screen, keyboard, and radar. Poker taps a button.] Fred: Sooo cool! Poker: Hold on tight. [The back lights are revealed to have rocket boosters, which turn on. The wheels smoke and spark.] SFX: SCREECH [Poker and Fred are standing in front of Apartment 19. Poker knocks on the door.] SFX: BAP BAP BAP [A confused man opens the door.] Confused Man: ? [Poker tackles Confused Man as Fred watches, shocked.]
IT'S BOND TIME! Does James Bond ever say that? He should.


  1. I love the art!! Not to mention two of my favorite Tiny Stripz classics: Wait, what? and LASERS! Nice one.