#212: UnHiNgEd

[Amanda is standing next to Elaine. Elaine is blisfully unaware of Amanda's overdose of caffeine.] Amanda: Ah, Thanksgiving! [A bluebird flies by.] Amanda: The birds are in the air and the trees are in the ground! [We zoom in on Amanda.] Amanda: Turkey, freshly mined and polished! Ripe cage-free applesauce! Elaine (off-panel): Wait, what? [We zoom back out. The caffeine is beginning to go to Amanda's head. She is overexcited and wide-eyed, like the zany face emoji (ðŸĪŠ).] Amanda: Hahaha! Cranberries! Fully hatched! Scrambled turducken! Grapes! Yum yum yum! Elaine: Maybe you shouldn't have bought those twelve boxes of Thanksgiving Sale coffee.
I know you wanted to use your new CoffeeMakr Pro™, but...

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