#211: Not Again (Part Four)

[Alex is sitting in a bed. The window lock rattles and then unlocks.] SFX: RATTLE RATTLE CLICK [A balding doctor with black curls on either side of his head falls out.] SFX: SHF! Doctor: AGH! [He looks up at Alex.] Doctor: ? [He walks over. Alex is disbeleiving after Doctor speaks.] Doctor: Oh, hello! I see our pig brought some new patients! Alex: You're the doctor? [Doctor points his thumbs towards himself.] Doctor: That's me! [Doctor trips and flies through the air over Alex's bed, unexplicably. Alex is bewildered.] Doctor: WAUGH! [He lands off-panel.] SFX (off-panel): THUD Alex: You okay? [We zoom in on Alex's face.] Doctor (off-panel): Yeah. I may be clumsy, but I don't break easily! [Doctor has walked over to Alex's bedside. He is now holding the pig from the previous comic.] Doctor: I'd like you to meet our magic pig. Alex: "Magic?" [The pig's eyes turn all-knowing and green. The background behind him is replaced with a timeless, powerful space background. Green electricity shoots from the pig's eyes.] SFX: KZZT
< First You sure don't wanna mess with this pig! ⚡⚡🐷🧙‍♂️⚡⚡

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