#209: Not Again (Part Two)

[Max is kneeling over a hole.] Max: Hmm... Alex: Help? [Max walks away, and has a lightbulb over his head.] [He comes back holding a rope into the hole.] Max: Climb this! [In the hole, Alex tries to climb the rope.] Alex: HRNGHH [Alex falls as the rope goes from taut to loose.] Alex: ?! [Max lands on Alex, holding the rope. Alex has pulled him down! Alex is surprised.] SFX: WHUMP [We zoom out.] Alex: Great. We're stuck down here with no one to help us. Things can't get any wor- [Max lunges toward Alex, panic in his eyes.] Max: DON'T- [The ground gives way beneath them.] SFX: CRUMBLE Max: -jinx it.
😈🕳 The god of deep holes in the ground takes no pity on mortals.

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